Swiss Chronographs: The Best “Tool Watches” And The Coolest Watches For You

Chronographs are often thought of as “tool watches” . The chronograph is a separate and independent time system which serves as a stopwatch. It displays different counters or mechanisms for measuring elapsed time. Counters can register seconds, minutes and hours. This gives its owner the ability to time anything he wants.

Sometimes, the analysis of which watch to buy proceeds little further than, “Wow, that one looks cool.” Chronographs look really cool. Most chronographs consist of three small dials (also called sub-registers) within the main dial of the watch. On the side of the watch’s case, you’ll usually find two buttons: the top button starts/stops the chronograph, while the bottom button resets it. In days gone by, manufacturers assumed that chronographs would be used and relied upon, so legible elapsed times were a given. Today, elapsed-time indications are often sacrificed on the altar of fashion. Manufacturers will ditch them in a second for the sake of a design they think will induce the customer to say, “That one looks really cool,” and reach for his or her wallet. The following are 2 cool chronographs which are sought after by watch lovers.

You can’t have a list of chronographs without a TAG Heuer. Since its founding in 1860, the brand has been a leader in automotive and aviation chronographs, and the Autavia of the 1960s and ’70s was one of its icons. The latest generation of Formula 1 recalls the tonneau-shaped case and bold bezel of those Autavias but updates it with better water resistance and a sapphire crystal.

The Daytona is a self-winding mechanical chronograph watch by fake Rolex UK that has been around since the 1960’s. It is especially popular among racecar drivers. It was named after the famous race in Daytona that Rolex sponsors until today. It was designed as a high precision timing tool for endurance races. Though it has fewer components integrated into it when compared with other standard chronograph watches, the watch prides itself with enhanced reliability. The chronograph functions are activated by pushers that screw down when not in use. The watch is waterproof up to a distance of 100 meters.

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